A Service-Oriented Architecture for Distributed Decision Support Systems in a Collaborative Business Environment

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Efficient management of natural disasters impose great research challenges to the current environmental crisis management systems in terms of both architecture and services. This is mainly due to the fact that a large amount of geospatial content is usually distributed, non-compliant to standards, and needs to be transmitted under a QoS guaranteed framework to support effective decision making either in case of an emergency or in advance planning. Incorporating real time capabilities in Web services, both in terms of dynamic configuration and service selection, is an open research agenda. The things get worst in geospatial context due to the huge amount of data transmitted from distributed sensors under heterogeneous platforms, making the need of synchronization an important issue. In this paper, we propose a flexible service oriented architecture for planning and decision support in environmental crisis management. The suggested architecture uses real time geospatial data sets and 3D presentation tools, integrated with added-value services, such as simulation models for assisting decision making in case of emergency. The proposed architectural framework goes beyond integration and presentation of static spatial data, to include real time middleware that is responsible for selecting the most appropriate method of the available geospatial content and service in order to satisfy the QoS requirements of users and/or application. A case study of a complete, real world implementation of the suggested framework dealing with forest fire crisis management system is also presented.

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