DSS-CMM: A capability maturity model for DSS development processes

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While DSS development methodologies and implementation research are abound in the DSS literature, a gap still exists in terms of the ability to provide a holistic conceptual structure for improving the management and development of decision support systems, the ability to capture and share understanding of key DSS development processes, and most notably, the ability to provide guidance for DSS development and process improvements. This paper proposes a Decision Support System Capability Maturity Model (DSS-CMM). The model leverages related DSS literature and input from DSS researchers and practitioners to identify pertinent DSS development processes and capability levels. From a theoretical perspective, DSS-CMM provides a meta-model for DSS development processes and represents the first maturity model specifically targeting DSS development. From a practical perspective, the model provides a framework for organizations to assess the capability level of their DSS development processes and devise process improvement initiatives to address any limitations with existing practices.