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The Solar Wind and Energy Resource Assessment (SWERA) project focused on providing renewable energy planning resources to the public. Examples include wind, solar, and hydro assessments. A major component of the SWERA website is the archive search. This provides for a discovery DSS upon which users can find and access renewable energy data and supporting models. The RREX component of SWERA provides a visualization DSS as an addition to the website archive. RREX provides the discovery through a couple different avenues. RREX maps the renewable energy data that it provides along with a graphing application of the same data. RREX also provides a web service approach to allow for the distribution of the same data sets in multiple forms. The objective of this paper is to evaluate user satisfaction with the system as well as highlight factors affecting user satisfaction and experience. In the paper we provide a discussion of various design decisions used in the construction of the system followed by description of research methodology, and a discussion of key findings. Overall, analysis of results indicates general acceptance of the functionality provided and highlights venues for further improvements of the interface.