Understanding Design Features for Continued Use of Wearables Devices

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Wearable devices are receiving significant attention in the wearable technology domain. Despite considerable attention and an initial healthy uptake by users, retention (or continued use) remain elusive. A gap exists with respect to the understanding of design features influencing continued and sustained use. Accordingly, this study focuses on continuance intention with a particular emphasis on design features. The underlying model builds on the Expectation-Confirmation Model (ECM) to explore features such as trust, readability, dialogue support, personalization, device battery, appeal, and social support that may explain the continuance intention of wearables. Partial least squares (PLS) was used to estimate the model. The results support the hypotheses in ECM and show that design features such as dialogue support, device battery, and appeal are significant in explaining confirmation. Readability and personalization were not supported. The findings complement prior research studying continuous use intention with a focus on pertinent device characteristics.