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Knowledge Management (KM) research has theorized that KM activities lead to better firm performance. The current view that there is more external knowledge than exists within organizations has resulted in a preference for customercentric approaches over traditional KM activities. Recent advances in technology has resulted in social media use as an avenue for knowledge creation from the social interaction between brands and their customers. Most research however explore social media’s impact on organizational knowledge in developed economies with little attention to developing economies where KM could be conceptualized differently. In this research, we analyze the extent to which social media can support customer knowledge management (CKM) in developing economies. Using a systematic literature review, the current study captures literature containing keywords on social media and CKM published in relevant databases between January 2010 and December 2019. Finding from this study demonstrated that the strategies employed in developing economies largely depend on the type of social media and strategies can be made more effective through channel, engagement, and business intelligence management. It was also discovered that knowledge creation was the most important KM process for ensuring success while the systems that support this were a combination of Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Technology.