Social Media Analysis of Modifiable Lifestyle Factors in Multiple Sclerosis

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AMCIS 2023 Proceedings

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Conference Proceeding

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Around 1 million people in the USA and 2.8 million people around the globe are living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which currently has no cure. Incomplete recovery, long-term disability, worsening of symptoms leads to disruption in the Quality of Life among MS patients. However, modifiable lifestyle factors (MLFs) have demonstrated the potential to improve health and wellbeing in MS patients. Therefore, by leveraging social media analytics, this study aims to understand the public perspective on MLFs as reflected in the online generated information. The study identified topics pertaining to MLFs and evaluated the relative prevalence of these topics in social media discourse. The results and analysis showed that Diet and Temperature are the two main factors for MS patients to constantly maintain and monitor. Further, this study can help the medical community in recommending the best lifestyle measures that is necessary for an MS patient.