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Thirty Sixth International Conference on Information Systems

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Organizations increasingly utilize various IT to reduce boundaries, secure users’ explicit and tacit knowledge, facilitate information sharing and connect human capital regardless of their geographically dispersed locations and cross-level unit structures. The core competency of information technology/systems (IT/IS) use is essential to maintain the effective functioning of virtual workplaces. While IS research has examined creativity in virtual workplaces, it has given little attention to how the relationship between creativity and job satisfaction may be altered as a consequence of its effective use in virtual workplaces. The roles of effective IS use in virtual workplace contexts have not been explicitly modeled to understand how and why effective IS use and creativity influence job satisfaction. This study examines the effect of creativity concepts by using perceived IS support for creativity as a proxy via effective IS use and compares such effect in two different work settings. Our model provides a basis for identifying the effect of perceived IS support for creativity on IS-related concepts and for understanding how it plays out in virtual workplace contexts in terms of employee creativity.