A Design Theory for Intelligent Clinical Decision Support

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AMCIS 2022

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Conference Proceeding

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Poor or inadequate design of intelligent clinical decision support systems (ICDSS) can result in low adoption and use of these systems. These are some of the prevalent factors stimulating physician resistance. This resistance facilitates low physician involvement and creates a lack of trust in these systems. This is addressed through the development of a design theory for ICDSS. This is demonstrated through mapping and identifying extant literature in the context of the socio-technical model (STM). The gaps were identified through the relationships of the STM and developed into characteristics that are translated into meta-requirements informing design principles. The primary result of this research includes a design theory for ICDSS development. The developed design theory motivates and enables efficient ICDSS development, physician adoption, and more effective patient care. The design theory will also provide managers and researchers deeper insight into designing ICDSS to further improve physician adoption and use of ICDSS.