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New knowledge learning that involves errorless task performance has become a key objective for healthcare organizations [Rushmer & Davies, 2004]. As knowledge changes to incorporate the use of computer systems, service delivery using the Electronic Health Record (EHR) has created unforeseen challenges for service providers and the organizations they serve. This challenge appears mainly to involve a change in actions, behaviors and mental models by providers using the EHR [Senge, 2006]. This is necessary for healthcare organizations if they want to remain competitive, improve the quality of care, and reduce costs. The challenge is to develop and implement this new knowledge from individual current competencies [Becker, 2004]. One group that is critical in meeting these challenges is the physicians. Work practice documentation has changed to include a technological focus. As physicians interact with EHR technology, it is important they have the ability to unlearn needed knowledge while maintaining intellectual capital for organizations [McDonald, 1997].