Verifying X.509 Certificate Extensions

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ITNG 2023 20th International Conference on Information Technology-New Generations

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Covert channels are used to hide the presence of information in another medium. Attackers have used covert channels to hide the transferring of malicious files, command-and-control traffic, and more. Previous research has shown X.509 certificate extensions can be used as a covert channel. This quasi-experiment utilizes Suricata, an open-source intrusion detection system, to verify specific X.509 certificate extensions that have been used as a covert channel. Several Suricata rules were generated and tested to determine the effectiveness in detecting the presence of a covert channel. All of the generated rules had a 100% true-positive rate, though some had significant impacts on the processor utilization on the IDS. It is possible to detect X.509 covert channels with a high success rate, though detailed verification of the entire X.509 certificate with lua scripting can be extremely resource intensive and unrealistic for high-bandwidth environments.