A Framework towards an efficient solution for the transportation of University of Bahrain Students

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A Framework towards an efficient solution for the transportation problem.

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This research work is an attempt to develop an efficient solution of the transportation problem of University of Bahrain (UoB) students. The main contribution of this paper is creating a Bahrain map grid of bus stations, generating random requests from riders in any region based on population density, and estimate the number and capacities of buses required. The analysis of territory and population density in the kingdom of Bahrain reveals that riders issue requests from 80 regions distributed over the four governorates. The requests are generated for 15 time slots (3 per day) for the whole semester (15 weeks). Based on the generated requests, the statistics were calculated per time slot for all 15 weeks. The obtained results show that no more than 47 buses (with 50 seats/bus) are needed. The results also shows that each bus will replace 16.5 cars, assuming an average of 3 riders per car. It also reveals that the increasing reliance on students’ private cars has a direct impact on traffic congestion. More efficient bus network and timings will encourage students to use the new bus system.