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Spring 2014


It is an exclusive secret if one knows a muse and it is an even more exclusive ability if said person is able to channel her beauty. For most people, seducing a muse is no easy task. It takes a special kind of creative mind to attract the personification of art. Frequently, the rigorous process of invoking one of the muses often involves a set of rituals that resemble courtship displays. Muses demand undying attention and affection from their vessel before they will allow themselves to flow through a mortal instrument and onto a medium of art. In those rare moments, a beautiful process of creation happens and a little piece of the divine is brought down to the Earth in the form of a painting, poem, or epic tale.

It is considered one thing to channel the muses and create art, but it is considered a whole other thing to gather the individual musings of creative minds in an attempt to create a collection of inspired works. With the help of many talented people, that is exactly what has been accomplished in this publication. From collecting and reviewing the submissions to all the technical work behind the scenes, the New Tricks team had to call upon their own muses to produce this wonderful collection of artwork, poems, and short stories. It is with much pride and admiration that I prsent you the 2014 issue of New Tricks. Enjoy!