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Spring 2015


"As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul." Hermes Trismegistus

I am but a humbly painted vessel of the Almighty Artist, here to share in this uniquely significant piece of the great mural. They say that art imitates life and that through the creation of art we become one with the divine painter of the universe. That is why the calling of the artist is the most noble of pursuits, for the artist is the truest reflection of the source of things. Yet art is not finite and cannot be nailed down. Like the artist, art channels itself through many different vessels and media. It is elusive, but when encountered there is a definite understanding the that Almighty Artist is present in the work.

In this, our collective effort at paying homage to our inner artist, we have collected together reflections of life as channeled through the talented artists of Dakota State University. Mirroring the Master Creation, New Tricks has become a perfectly reflected world of its own. Each piece of art inside the magazine has been given life and granted power to interact with the rest of creation, namely you. So it is with great honor that we present to you the many mirrors of our souls, so that they may act as portals for you to venture deep and greet the eternal inside of us.