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Spring 1992


The magazine is almost finished- forged in the fiery loins of Beadle Hall (erect in 1886). The Editor (Hephaestus) eyes me anxiously. He's waiting for the foreword and is acutely aware of my procrastinating nature. The clock, uncaring of my plight, ticks on.

New Tricks (The Official Magazine of the Literary Stunt Dogs) has risen from the ashes of the Dakotah Poesy. The Poesy was Dakota State's literary magazine from 1986 to 1990. Sadly, the Poesy died of natural causes and DSU became a university without a literary magazine. Not for long. For in mid-September a young writer (Brian Bargmann) snatched a brand from the smoldering embers and ran with it. Thanks to Brian's undying efforts- constantly stinging the haunches of the sleeping cow of apathy, goading students and faculty, and occasionally screaming and blurry-eyed- here it is, finally, after eight months- Volume I, Number I. Please try to remember that the perfect poem will never be written. For this let us thank the gods and the next page.

  • Stephen Bell