Date of Award

Fall 8-1-2002

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)

First Advisor

Ronghua Shan

Second Advisor

Minhua Wang

Third Advisor

Terry Dennis


Taking a healthcare website as an example, this project addresses certain difficult issues involved in website development and maintenance. The three major problems confronted by current healthcare web sites are static content, underutilized data, and high development and maintenance cost. Adopting a new web design methodology, this project demonstrates how to overcome these problems and accomplish the following objectives: serve dynamic content from backend database, maximize the use of data, and minimize development and maintenance cost.

The technologies chosen to implement the project are Oracle XML technologies. Oracle XML Developer's Kit (XDK) combines the power of SQL, XML and XSLT within the XSQL Pages facility, providing an ideal framework to bring into life the clean separation of powers between XSQL page for data and XSL T style sheet for transformation. My healthcare web site has three parts -- a personalized healthcare news portal, the online discussion forum and a personal health records organizer. Powered by Oralce9i database, it serves a dynamic content through XSQL pages, makes full use of data by means of XML data page as an interim data abstraction and XSL T to transform the data into a variety of formats, as well as saves development and maintenance cost through the separation of data, presentation and logic. This methodology has a promising future for application. Besides the healthcare industry, it could be applied to the development and maintenance of most websites in a wide range of industries. Certainly this project is not only a demonstration but also will have its own contribution if it is put into use.