Date of Award

Spring 5-1-2011

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)

First Advisor

Amit Deokar

Second Advisor

Stephen Krebsbach

Third Advisor

Ronghua Shan


In a world of increasing use of workflow-automated systems to process most of the tasks, either in a business or research environment, we encounter scenarios that are different from the rest of the typical processes. And in many organizations, the processes are typically organized functional, whereas in the current trend, the business needs for processes to manipulate and move across different functional departments rather than just within. It is especially high in the case of research in the science and engineering domain, where new developments and facts in a certain field could change the direction of the rest of the work, despite the work being in a drastically different realm of functionality. In other words, the functional outcomes of various departments may be necessary for the decision-making process of a certain workflow before proceeding towards its end goal. This pertains to the dynamic nature of processes workflow, and is the focus of this project. Without trying to fit processes into a generic schema and to execute each process as a separate instance is the goal of the prototype system to be developed in this project. The system is designed to create the plans to execute (planning module) and then monitor with the world state during the execution of the same process in real-time, so as to ensure that the execution is as expected during the planning phase of the problem. In case of any mismatch in the states of the world to what was expected based on the planner, the cause of the mismatch is identified and appropriate inclusions of the current world state are incorporated as part of the problem to be executed.