Date of Award

Summer 2017

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)

First Advisor

Dr. David Bishop

Second Advisor

Dr. Christopher Olson

Third Advisor

Mr. Robert Pope


EduForum is a project that has been constructed to fulfil a niche in the learning management system market. The current learning management system market is comprised of mainly large, well-funded, and highly entrenched offerings. The trend in the market has been shifting recently away from some of these legacy offerings towards some of their newer competitors. This trend holds true in the for-profit marker, but no true competitor has emerged to challenge the market’s largest open-source offering, Moodle.

EduForum hopes to be the offering to fill this role by using a number of new methodologies and technologies to create a robust and user friendly offering. EduForum has been constructed to be easy to develop new features for, to be user-friendly, and to meet the learning needs of all potential users.

The project was constructed during the course of two semesters at Dakota State University. The project was broken into distinct phases that encompassed the conception, project planning, and project implementation. The tooling of the project was designed to allow for the easy development of new features so as to facilitate its easy expansion. The development of the project was further broken down into development sprints so as to take advantage of an agile methodology. Utilizing this methodology during development allowed for project development focus to methodically shift focus to respond to perceived issues or to focus in a different direction. Additionally, “ Developing in short, time-boxed iterations and demonstrating to stakeholders early and often enables teams and stakeholders to agree when the product has met each of the needs” (Ekas, 2012)