Date of Award

Spring 4-7-2015

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr. Ronghua Shan

Second Advisor

Dr. William Figg

Third Advisor

Dr. Stephan Krebsbach


Check Exception Automation (CEA) System is a web application which provides the facility to create and resolve the check exception that occurs after the check is successfully deposited to the American Bank. Checks can be deposited via different channels such as ATM, Cash Vault (which is a kind of check dropping box) and via mobile. There are a number of exceptions that may occur after depositing the check such as missing signature, wrong amount, altered check, duplicate check and missing amount. The older check exception resolution process was manual process. The goal of this project is to automate the check resolution process with no or very little human involvement. This project is implemented using all the advanced technologies such as Java 1.7, Spring 3.1, Spring Security, Apache CXF web services and JQuery. This documentation describes the project plan which explains the requirements with timelines and the methodology used for project life cycle. It also briefly explains about the meeting plans and team building activities during the project development. Furthermore, it explains the problems existed in older system and the benefits expected from the new system. Moreover, this document also covers the basic technical as well as architectural aspects of the project. The project is implemented on agile methodology which is different than traditional waterfall model. This document also explains the interaction strategy and interaction flow among the development teams and business partners.