Date of Award

Fall 8-2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)


Business and Information Systems

First Advisor

Cherie Noteboom

Second Advisor

Chris Olson

Third Advisor

Lora Ersland


When the SDBOR decided to migrate their current student information system into a shared system with HR and Finance, adjustments needed to be made to accommodate for current Banner settings and work around tables that were already populated with HRFIS data. The change in data type of the student identifier from that of a 7-digit numeric field to a 9- digit alpha-numeric field poses problems for running aggregate data calculations. Additional complications include having some information such as first-generation status that was not migrated between the systems, and cases such as college coding where tables that were designed for student use were already populated and alternate codes needed to be created. The data conversion handbook is a way to externalize some of the tacit knowledge acquired through the system migration and will be utilized for retention and persistence calculations and as a training document for new personnel in institutional research.