Glenn Papp Jr

Date of Award

Fall 10-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems (PhDIS)


Business and Information Systems

First Advisor

William Bendix

Second Advisor

Wayne Pauli

Third Advisor

Cherie Noteboom

Fourth Advisor

Jun Liu

Fifth Advisor

Petter Lovaas


This project develops a comprehensive E-Democratic Government Success Framework that addresses low citizen engagement in local US politics. To develop this framework, I consult the literature on democratic participation, socio-technical theory, data security and privacy, decision support systems, and design science methodology. The main contribution of this project is a five-part method artifact for implementing E-Democracy initiatives—something that has not been readily attempted, despite the decentralized nature of US democracy and the opportunities it offers to experiment with institutions and deliberative procedures. This artifact gives policymakers the means to design, implement, adopt, and evaluate E-Democracy services; and it gives citizens and third parties, such as independent watchdogs, the ability to evaluate E-Democracy initiatives. Additionally, it contributes to the growing research agenda that considers the integration of information communication technology (ICT) into the policymaking process. To evaluate the effectiveness of this artifact, I use three methods: (1) benchmarking through a comparative gap analysis of the artifact’s requirements, past E-Democracy initiatives in the United States, and cybersecurity frameworks; (2) scenario creation that considers the artifact’s application through a synthetic lawsourcing instantiation; and (3) application of defense in depth methodology through mapping artifact requirements that overlap.