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Assessing user satisfaction, acceptance and performance impacts of information systems have long traditions in information systems research. With an increasing focus on broader adoption and implementation of electronic health records (EHR’s), research examining user evaluation and performance impacts will play an essential role in the successful design, implementation, and efficient use of these systems. In this study, we analyze user evaluations of an EHR system and assess the impact on individual performance of such systems using the Task-technology Fit (TTF) theory. TTF postulates that individual performance is more likely to be positively impacted if there is a “fit” between the requirements of the task and the features of the technology. Overall, user evaluations for the eight dimensions of TTF considered in this study are positive. Moreover, the model exhibits a good fit with the data and provides a satisfactory explanatory power for individual performance impact with data quality and ease of use/training being significant determinants of performance impact.