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Malaria is a life-threatening parasitic disease, common in subtropical and tropical climates caused by mosquitoes. Each year, several hundred thousand of people die from malaria infections. However, with the rapid growth, popularity and global reach of social media usage, a myriad of opportunities arises for extracting opinions and discourses on various topics and issues. This research examines the public discourse, trends and emergent themes surrounding malaria discussion. We query Twitter corpus leveraging text mining algorithms to extract and analyze topical themes. Further, to investigate these dynamics, we use Crimson social media analytics software to analyze topical emergent themes and monitor malaria trends. The findings reveal the discovery of pertinent topics and themes regarding malaria discourses. The implications include shedding insights to public health officials on sentiments and opinions shaping public discourse on malaria epidemic. The multi-dimensional analysis of data provides directions for future research and informs public policy decisions.