Date of Award

Fall 11-1-2008

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)

First Advisor

Dorine Bennett

Second Advisor

Ronghua Shan

Third Advisor

Mark Moran


Quality Information Management (QIM) is a web-based application that was created for electronically reporting safety events in the Immanuel St. Joseph's - Mayo Health System. A third party vendor is currently used to report events. However, during July 2009, a new health information system (HIS) will be installed system wide. The incoming HIS will not interface with the current software. A new reporting tool will be installed during 2010 but there is a 9 month gap when the hospital system will not have an electronic safety reporting tool also the software that is used now does not fully meet the needs of the organization. The current process is limited by the software that is being used for safety event reporting. It is cumbersome to use due to inherent complexity, inadequate functionality and limited availability. There is a general consensus that events are not being reported because of the existing process. Therefore, QIM was built to give the users a better reporting tool until the new reporting software is available. Expression Web with Visual Basic and ASP.NET were used to create the application. The product was designed to assist users in reporting events with minimal demands on their time. Reporting can be done quickly and concisely compared to the current process. Email capability will ensure that everyone in the safety reporting cycle is aware of reports that need action or have been completed. QIM was been approved by Quality Resources and the Senior Leadership Committee. It is scheduled to be implemented across the ISJ system on April 1st, 2009.