Date of Award

Spring 7-1-2010

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)

First Advisor

Ronghua Shan

Second Advisor

Stephen Krebsbach

Third Advisor

Mark Moran


The Issue Tracking System aims at developing and maintaining a central repository of all the solved and current issues that are faced at any stage of developing a software. This project is designed to help the software developers and other members working on the development projects by minimizing the time and effort they put in to track and analyze issues. The features or modules in the project are designed carefully, by analyzing the requirements or the expectations that would be had about this kind of a system. Each field that has been included in the modules have been taken considering all these requirements. Apart from the technical requirements, the software requirements that would suit this type of application have also been considered without having to compromise any of the security features. The Issue tracking system that is developed is simple yet efficient application that helps in minimizing the cost and time associated with tracking and maintaining issues in a product. It acts a perfect medium of easy communication between the team members of a product. The system features are categorized under six different modules, with each capturing as much details as possible about the product and the issues. The value that the system adds depends upon the type of user. The system helps the project managers or team leaders by helping them access their team members as the system has records of the issues that each member has handled, the targeted date of completion and the actual date in which the developer has completed. The rating of the performance of a developer can be aided using these fields. For a developer, the issue tracking system can be a check list and a guidance or reference material. It has the details of all the current issues, previously solved issues and the corresponding solution files that the developers had uploaded, and the name os the developers who worked on the issue. These details would help developers in reducing the time involved in the initial analysis of the issue. The two modes of login capabilities with different privileges for each helps m improving the overall security and quality of the product.