Date of Award

Spring 3-1-2002

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)

First Advisor

Tom Farrell

Second Advisor

Zehai Zhou

Third Advisor

Carrie Ahern


The project was one of my tasks while I was working for DSU's Assessment Office. The project's goal was to create a web-based employer survey from the paper­based employer survey. The project used Active Server Pages (ASP), Hyper Text Mark­up Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), JavaScript, and Microsoft Access. Microsoft Access was used because it was the requirement from the Assessment Office. The survey is under the responsibility of the Assessment Office. It has been used for 9 years. The project introduced the survey through the Internet for the first time. This report explains the method and the technologies used to build the survey. There are some code samples and figures to help understand how the actual codes work. The report also explains the database connectivity with ASP. ASP was used to make the connection between the HTML pages and the Microsoft Access database. This connection includes, but is not limited to, adding, editing, deleting, and updating the database. HTML pages were used for presentation of the survey. To make the pages look uniform, CSS was used. The font type and font size for the survey questions and for the form header are regulated with CSS. JavaScript was used to validate user entries. To minimize the number of unanswered questions and to prevent duplicate entry, the input had to be validated before it could be submitted.