Date of Award

Spring 7-1-2013

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)

First Advisor

Stephen Krebsbach

Second Advisor

Chris Olson

Third Advisor

Matt Miller


We're almost all victims of email and mail spamming; many companies keep sending same promotions continuously, or even on a weekly basis, to the same destinations without checking if customers have received similar promotions in the recent past. In nowadays competitive markets, these companies are hurting their productivity by using inefficient broad-based marketing programs. This project will address this issue and provide a Marketing department with a new datamart that will have the necessary data that will allow them find trends and patterns in the data and to view and validate the latest customers list and the promotions sent to those customers. This datamart is not business driven, it is an Information Technology initiative mandated by the executive committee, it would be used exclusively by the Marketing team; they would no longer have to wait long hours to extract the data from a bulky data warehouse. The datamart will be limited to two areas (customer & Campaign) with a total of20 fact and dimension tables fed nightly from the data warehouse through 2 ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) processes using the latest Oracle technology. This project is the continuation of a project submitted for my Bachelor's degree with the Customer area only. Now, in this project, the datamart has an enhanced customer area with an additional campaign management area that will allow the marketing team to exclude customers from repetitive promotions and focus determining high-valued customers that will lead to greater customer loyalty.