Date of Award

Fall 8-1-2005

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)

First Advisor

Zehai Zhou

Second Advisor

William Figg

Third Advisor

Ronghua Shan


This paper is based on the actual experiences involved in developing a web-hosted survey application for analysts, researchers, evaluators and performance improvement specialists for Computer Information Systems Department of San Antonio College. Up till today the traditional paper-based surveys have been used. The need to create web-based surveys lays the foundation for this project. Student Online Survey Application is a project whose purpose is to help automate the process for the student survey system. It will assist San Antonio College in its effort to improve the performance of both students and instructors through access to online resources and programs. The development process was complex in that it required such as diverse set of tasks such as project management, project analysis, project design, database analysis and design, web design, programming, network security, human communications. The project required a good understanding of the online survey and technical issues.