Date of Award

Spring 6-1-2012

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)

First Advisor

William Figg

Second Advisor

Ronghua Shan

Third Advisor

Christopher Olson


Within an environment of constrained budgets and technology advancements the Department of Defense has established Information Service objectives that include standardization, interoperability and cost savings. Service branches manage the distribution of uniforms for their respective services. The replacement of damaged and lost uniform articles is managed by the service branch. The services do not cooperatively manage or track the issue of uniforms and are left with annually increasing expenditures for replacing lost or damaged uniform articles. The research conducted was in consideration of the design, planning and documentation of a secure, standardized and scalable web enabled inventory system that could track the issuing and receipt of military uniforms across the services. The DoD is a complicated, vast group of agencies with a multitude of policies and regulations. Agencies within DoD share interrelationships and agreements with resulting dependencies. Research time was needed to review policies and regulations so that the system could be interoperable and compliant with federal law and agency regulations. Research began with the review of relevant DoD policies and regulations and continued with determining the right toolset to build a system with standardization, security, stability and scalability in mind. Emphasis was placed on industry relevant technologies. was chosen along with SQL SERVER 2008 offered with the Visual Web Developer kit. Considerable research time was dedicated to the Uniform Modeling Language for system documentation. During design phase time was dedicated to web page design approach but a more significant amount of time was committed to researching the use of and skill development in and SQL SERVER 2008 due to lack of experience with these tools. Many websites were referenced along with several texts to gain knowledge and experience with the software. The methodology applied for ISSUE did not follow a typical or traditional SDLC approach. A decision was made that the ISSUE system would be a web based inventory system including a GUI with a backend database for transactions as well as a database for file storage with Visual Web Developer as the tool of choice. The traditional SDLC was not the approach undertaken for this project. Instead of entering the system design phase, implementation and coding began before any design considerations. Software development resulted in a web enabled inventory system with authentication and transactions with the backend database, file storage for documentation as well as relevant links to governing regulations and other useful links. The resulting system documentation included UML system diagramming, tables with technical data and system design considerations as well as text documentation.