Date of Award

Fall 12-1-2005

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)

First Advisor

Omar El-Gayar

Second Advisor

Ronghua Shan

Third Advisor

Stephen Krebsbach


The pilots of the Sioux Valley Intensive Air Program currently maintain their schedule on a static calendar. They cannot directly update the schedule and upon taking the shift of another pilot, the pilot taking a shift must notify the pilot whose shift he or she took. The change must also be reported as a courtesy to the Program Manager. The pilots of the Sioux Valley Intensive Air Program wish to implement a Web-Based Scheduling Application that will give them up-to-date scheduling information and allow them to make shift changes online while providing automatic notification of a shift change to the pilot whose shift is affected and the Program Manager. The process of addressing this business need began by identifying this as a priority project on the Project List maintained by the Sioux Valley Information Technology Web Development Team (Project Team). Upon selecting the project, a Project Plan, Work Breakdown Structure and Gantt chart were created to organize the project and identify the activities necessary to accomplish successful application development. End-user requirements were then determined through an initial meeting with a designated representative of the Sioux Valley Intensive Air Program. A Project Charter was developed from those requirements to ensure that the program representative and the Web Development Team had a clear understanding of the project requirements. Once the Project Charter was reviewed and agreed upon, the Project Team met to determine Project Specifications for addressing user needs. Use Case Descriptions and a Use Case Diagram were created from those specifications to model the "to-be" application I wished to create. Application Development began by establishing a Plan of Action to summarize the approach needeq to develop the application. Data requirements were identified for the application to ensure that the proper information would be maintained for the application. HTML and JavaScript code was used to develop the user interface for the application while ASP code was used so that the application would dynamically interact with the MS SQL Server 2000 database. Once the application was developed, it was demonstrated to the representative of the Sioux Valley Intensive Air Program. The application received favorable review by the representative indicating that it would provide great value to their operation. We also discussed future enhancements to the application, but overall he stated that the application provided the functionality initially desired by the Intensive Air Program. After his approval of the application, a User's Guide was created to help the pilots use the application for their scheduling needs.